Tips on How to Clean a Mousepad

Aside from the keyboard and mouse. The mousepad is the next computer gear that receives the most contact with the user. Meaning it will get dirty faster either from use or from spilling food and drinks on your poor mousepad.

A grimy mousepad not only devalues your mojo but also affects gameplay by lessening mouse response time. Some of you may put the skewed gameplay as more damaging than a bruised mojo. That will be a topic for another day, but let’s agree that learning how to clean a mousepad has intrinsic benefits.

For this guide we will focus on the 4 most popular mousepad types

  • Cloth Mousepads usually has a rubber base with the top pad made of, you guessed it, cloth. The pad is pasted to the rubber base with some manufacturers electing to stich the edges to avoid flaying.
  • Rubber or plastic mousepads are thin with one side of the pad stickier (this is the bottom) and the side a bit matte and non-glossy (this is the top). 
  • Hard mousepads are made of had plastic or metal with a top cloth padding. One of the most popular brand is the SteelSeries mouse pad which we will use as an example.
  • Mouse pads with gel filled wrist support are often made with the same material as cloth mousepads. The added wrist support is touted to relieve wrist stress. One infamous example is the “boob” mousepad with the “silicon filled boobs” being the soft and supportive base for your delicate hands, err wrist. This of course will be our example.

How to clean a Mousepad? Let me count the ways.

Each mousepad type will require a different approach to cleaning. Be sure to follow the one that’s appropriate to your mousepad type. Else you answer to the Mousepad gods.

How to clean a Cloth Mousepad

There are two ways to clean.

cloth mousepad

A. Wipe with a wet cloth and some soap.

  • 1. Wipe gently on dirty areas 
  • 2. Wash the cleaning cloth when dirty then resume wiping 
  • 3. Wipe until clean

B. Fill a basin with warm (whenever I say warm, I mean not coffee water hot) water and dish soap

  • 1. Put Cloth mousepad in the solution
  • 2. Rub mousepad surface lightly. You can use your hands or a light sponge.
  • 3. Rinse mousepad thoroughly

Drying process is the same for both.

  • 4. Pat dry with a paper or fine towel. Don’t use towels that leave garment residue.
  • 5. There are three drying methods. You hang it exposed to direct sunlight (very fast), air dry using an electric fan (slow) or leave by window for a more natural (slowest)

Note: Some pad adhesives have low tolerance to heat and may result to the pads being unglued or flayed.

How to clean a rubber mousepad

The easiest and fastest type to clean.

  • 1. Use a wet cloth with some soap or a “wet wipe”
  • 2. Wipe across the mousepad to remove grime and dirt
  • 3. Wipe with fine cloth to dry. Don’t use towels that leave garment residue.
rubber mousepad

How to clean a SteelSeries mousepad / How to clean a boob mousepad

Now if you are looking for some ulterior motive why I combined the SteelSeries and Boob mousepads cleaning guide. I’m telling you now, I get no satisfaction from this. It is strictly for better formatting and a few cheap laughs from my lonely readers.

SteelSeries mousepad
  • 1. Fill a sink or a large basin, with warm water and dish soap. For SteelSeries mousepads, the sink or basin should be large enough to immerse the entire mousepad.
  • 2. Put SteelSeries or Boob mousepad in solution
  • 3. Rub mousepad surface lightly. You can use your hands or a light sponge. For the Boob mousepads, you would need to brush the “boob” part more aggressively (no pun intended) to remove dark stains from prolonged contact with your wrist (again, no pun intended). You can use an old toothbrush for better cleaning.
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    4. Rinse mousepads thoroughly 
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    5. Pat dry with a dry with paper towels, don’t use towels that leave garment residues.
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    6. There are two drying methods, air dry using an electric fan or leave by window for a more natural, albeit slower air dry.
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    7. For best results, leave mousepad alone for 24 hours after cleaning.

Note: It’s best not to place a Steelseries mousepad on direct sunlight. It will heat up the metal and could lead to peeling of the cloth padding.

There you go, everything you need to know on how to clean a mousepad. It’s gaming nirvana from here on out. That is until you spill that energy drink all over your mousepad again.

Additional notes:

  • 1. Avoid using harsh fabric cleaners. They may damage the color of the pad or the other materials
  • 2. Be gentle when cleaning mousepads. Don’t squeeze, twist or mash, they have been through enough abuse.
  • 3. Don’t use a washing machine. See number 2.

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